Suricata and XDP

Suricata is a network threat detection engine using network packets capture to reconstruct the traffic till the application layer and find threats on the network using rules that define behavior to detect. This task is really CPU intensive and discarding non interesting traffic is a solution to enable a scaling of Suricata to 40gbps and other.

This talk will present the latest evolution of Suricata that knows uses eBPF and XDP to bypass traffic. Suricata 5.0 is supporting the hardware XDP to provide ypass with network card such as Netronome. It also takes advantage of pinned maps to get persistance of the bypassed flows. This talk will cover the different usage of XDP and eBPF in Suricata and shows how it impact performance and usability. If development time permit, the talk will also cover AF_XDP and the impact on this new capture method on Suricata.

Eric Leblond