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Steven Rostedt is one of the original developers of the PREEMPT_RT patch; he started working in 2004 with the goal of turning Linux into a Real Time designed operating system. Although, the PREEMPT_RT patch still exists out of tree, several of its features have made it into the vanilla kernel. One of these features being Ftrace, the official tracer of Linux. Steven is the main author, developer and maintainer of Ftrace. He has also created, which is a testing framework within the Linux kernel, and is the one responsible for the kernel build option “make localmodconfig”. Outside of development, Steven has done numerous presentations around the world. He’s also been on the Kernel Summit program committee from 2010-2016, and is currently one the Linux Foundation’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) members, which represents the kernel community to the foundation.

Steven joined VMware at the start of 2017 as one of the core developers at the heart of VMware’s Open Source Technology Center, focused on providing value and leadership in spreading open source expertise and culture across the company. Through VMware, Steven continues to work with various open source communities contributing his time to develop and enhance open source software.

Jens Axboe is Software Engineer at Facebook, formerly a Fellow at Fusion-io, and Consulting member of staff at Oracle. He also serves as the Linux block layer maintainer. Jens has worked on all things Linux IO related, such as data writeback, IO scheduling, SATA/SCSI, and others. Most recently his interests have been centered around making super fast flash based devices work and scale well in the kernel.