Steven Rostedt

Steven Rostedt is one of the original developers of the PREEMPT_RT patch; he started working in 2004 with the goal of turning Linux into a Real Time designed operating system. Although, the PREEMPT_RT patch still exists out of tree, several of its features have made it into the vanilla kernel. One of these features being Ftrace, the official tracer of Linux. Steven is the main author, developer and maintainer of Ftrace. He has also created ktest.pl, which is a testing framework within the Linux kernel, and is the one responsible for the kernel build option “make localmodconfig”. Outside of development, Steven has done numerous presentations around the world. He’s also been on the Kernel Summit program committee from 2010-2016, and is currently one the Linux Foundation’s Technical Advisory Board (TAB) members, which represents the kernel community to the foundation.

Steven joined VMware at the start of 2017 as one of the core developers at the heart of VMware’s Open Source Technology Center, focused on providing value and leadership in spreading open source expertise and culture across the company. Through VMware, Steven continues to work with various open source communities contributing his time to develop and enhance open source software.

Greg KH

Greg Kroah-Hartman is a Fellow at the Linux Foundation. He is responsible for the stable Linux kernel releases, and is also the maintainer of the USB, driver core, staging drivers, and other portions of the Linux kernel. He spends his time reviewing patches and traveling to conferences to give presentations.

Eric Leblond

Eric is an active member of the security and open source communities. He is a Netfilter Core Team member working mainly on communications between kernel and userland. He works on the development of Suricata, the open source IDS/IPS since 2009 and he is currently one of the Suricata core developers. He is also CTO and one of the founders of Stamus Networks, a company providing security solutions based on Suricata.

Thomas Gleixner

Thomas is the founder and CTO of Linutronix GmbH, a privately held Germany based Linux/FOSS service provider. He’s also a Fellow at the Linux Foundation. Thomas leads the effort of mainlining the real-time preemption patch set and is (co)maintainer of the x86 architecture, the generic interrupt subsystem and the generic timer/timekeeping subsystem in the Linux Kernel. He works since more than 30 years in the embedded industry and still has a strong affinity for mission impossible.

Jens Axboe

Jens Axboe is Software Engineer at Facebook, formerly a Fellow at Fusion-io, and Consulting member of staff at Oracle. He also serves as the Linux block layer maintainer. Jens has worked on all things Linux IO related, such as data writeback, IO scheduling, SATA/SCSI, and others. Most recently his interests have been centered around making super fast flash based devices work and scale well in the kernel.

Christian Brauner

 Christian Brauner is a kernel developer and maintainer of the LXD and LXC projects currently working at Canonical. He works mostly upstream on the Linux Kernel maintaing various bits and pieces. He is strongly committed to working in the open, and an avid proponent of Free Software. Christian has been active in the open source community for a long time and is a frequent speaker at various large events.

Daniel Bristot de Oliveira

Daniel is a kernel engineer in the real-time kernel team at Red Hat, where he works and contributes with the RT-related topics, like the PREEMPT_RT,  SCHED_DEADLINE, and tracing. He is also a last-year Ph.D. Student at Scuola Superiore Sant’anna (Pisa-ITA) and UFSC (Florianopolis-BR), researching about formal modeling and verification applied to the real-time Linux kernel.

Dodji Seketeli
Julien Thierry

Julien is a Software Engineer in the Linux kernel team at Arm. He squints at other people’s patches modifying KVM ARM.

When not facing a screen, he can be found climbing on walls or taking pictures around Europe.

Jean Delvare

 Jean Delvare started messing up with Linux kernel code in 2002, before joining SUSE in 2006, where he has been working as a support engineer for SUSE Linux Enterprise products ever since. He maintains two dozen kernel drivers, mostly in the hwmon and i2c subsystems. He is also the long-time maintainer of 3 user-space tools: i2c-tools, quilt and dmidecode.

Jesper Dangaard Brouer

Jesper Dangaard Brouer is a principal Kernel Engineer at Red Hat with a passion for performance and scalability. Currently he is optimizing the Linux kernel network stack. And occasionally optimizing the memory allocator in the Linux kernel, when it becomes a bottleneck for networking.

David Miller
 David is a Distinguished Engineer at Red Hat Inc. and has been working on the kernel for longer than he cares to admit.  One fine day he lost his mind and decided
to take over maintainership of the kernel networking.
He has also been a very strong proponent of eBPF, XDP and related technologies.
David spends his free time riding his bicycle, taking pictures, skateboarding, and composing DJ mixes.
Joel Fernandes

Joel is a Google Engineer working in the Android kernel team. He has been working on Linux kernel projects for a decade. He currently works on eBPF, tracing, Low memory killer daemon, RCU, and shared memory, among other things.

Alexei Starovoitov

Alexei is a software engineer at facebook kernel team where he’s working on BPF, networking, tracing, security.

In his free time he enjoys outdoors with the family.

Enric Balletbò i Serra

Enric is an Embedded Linux Software Engineer for Collabora Ltd. working with major Industrial and Consumer customers. He has 10 years experience helping in the design and bringing up Computer on Modules (CoM) and System on Modules (SoM), mostly based on ARM processors running Linux. He currently maintains some of them in mainline Linux and is an active upstream contributor. Enric has a degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Barcelona, and from the beginning has been interested in the Open Source world, especially in the Linux kernel. Both interests have allowed him to grow and get a deeper into the knowledge of the ‘Thin Red Line’ between software and hardware.

Rafael Wysocki

Rafael maintains the Linux kernel’s power management infrastructure and the core ACPI support code. He works at Intel Open Source Technology Center and focuses on the mainline Linux kernel development. He has been actively contributing to Linux since 2005, in particular to the kernel’s suspend/hibernate  subsystem, power management in general (IO runtime PM framework, CPUFreq, CPUIdle, PM QoS, system wakeup framework etc.), hot-plug infrastructure, core ACPI support, core PCI support and more. Before joining Intel he worked at the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw as a lecturer and IT specialist, he was a Linux and IT consultant and he ran a business of his own. Rafael holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Warsaw.

Jose E Marchesi

GNU hacker and maintainer.
Member of the GNU Advisory Committee.
Founder of GNU Spain back in 1999.
Current maintainer of sed, recutils, ferret.
Past maintainer of gv and ghostscript.
Maintainer of the SPARC and BPF ports of binutils.
Maintainer of the SPARC port of elfutils.
Contributor to many GNU programs and other free software projects.
Tech Lead of the Toolchain Team at Oracle Inc.

Aurélien Rougemont

Aurelien Rougemont works as Site Reliability Engineer at Synthesio.com. Since 1998 Aurelien has been neck deep in linux/unix and opensource software based platforms. Occasional kernel hacker,  observability geek and always passionate about pushing buttons.

Jonathan Corbet

Jonathan Corbet is the kernel documentation maintainer, co-founder of LWN.net (and the author of its Kernel Page), a member of the Linux Foundation’s Technical Advisory Board, and the lead author of Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

Bradley Kuhn

 Bradley Kuhn, Pasadena, California, 2017.Bradley M. Kuhn is the President and Distinguished Technologist at Software Freedom Conservancy and editor-in-chief of copyleft.org. Kuhn began his work in the software freedom movement as a volunteer in 1992, when he became an early adopter of the GNU/Linux operating system, and began contributing to various Free Software projects. He worked during the 1990s as a system administrator and software developer for various companies, and taught AP Computer Science at Walnut Hills High School in Cincinnati. Kuhn’s non-profit career began in 2000, when he was hired by the FSF. As FSF’s Executive Director from 2001–2005, Kuhn led FSF’s GPL enforcement, launched its Associate Member program, and invented the Affero GPL. Kuhn was appointed President of Software Freedom Conservancy in April 2006, was Conservancy’s primary volunteer from 2006–2010, and has been a full-time staffer since early 2011. Kuhn holds a summa cum laude B.S. in Computer Science from Loyola University in Maryland, and an M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Cincinnati. Kuhn’s Master’s thesis discussed methods for dynamic interoperability of Free Software programming languages. Kuhn received the O’Reilly Open Source Award in 2012, in recognition for his lifelong policy work on copyleft licensing. Kuhn has a blog, and co-hosts the podcast, Free as in Freedom.

Gustavo A. R. Silva

Gustavo is a Linux Kernel Engineer with extensive experience developing Embedded Systems. Over the course of the last few years, he’s been hunting and fixing bugs and issues all over the Linux kernel. He actively collaborates with the Kernel Self Protection Project and his work is supported by The Linux Foundation’s Core Infrastructure Initiative.