Videos and slides are available online !

29459629654_603c0d0673_kKernel Recipes 2016 is over, but you can now watch the videos and slides of this 5th edition.

More than 120 people attended the 3 days of the conference dedicated to the Linux kernel. Twenty lectures on various topics. Many thanks to Anisse Astier who managed the small feat of holding a live blog during the event.

This edition was the occasion of an auction of three home brewed beers. This sale was launched in favor of, information site that we particularly appreciate for it work. We have collected € 250, doubled by hupstream and donated to Jonathan Corbet.

This year, Frank Tizzoni crunched speakers and participants, all of the drawings is available online also.

The discussions continued during two evenings that allowed some 50 participants to go on their discussions.

We thank Mozilla and the video team for their welcome in a beautiful building and the organization of the video recording. A big thank you to our parnter Gandi supporting us from the beginning and accompanies us in organizing this conference. Finally, thank you to our sponsors that allow us to bring in speakers from around the world: BayLibre, haproxy Technologies, Mozilla, SUSE.


See you for the 6th edition in September 2017!

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