[tabby title=”28/09/2016″]

9h30-10h  Coffee 14h20-15h konstantinFrom ‘git tag’ to the front page: how kernel releases are made
Konstantin Ryabitsev
10h-10h40 portrait-3200The kernel report
Jonathan Corbet
15h-15h40 bwMaintainer’s Don’t Scale
Daniel Vetter
10h50-11h30 petkov“entry_*.S: A carefree stroll through kernel entry code”
Borislav Petkov
15h40-16h20  Coffee
11h40-12h20  tejunControl Group Status Update
Tejun Heo
16h20-17h gregkhPatches carved into stone tablets…
Greg KH
12h30-14h20  Lunch time 17h10-17h50 Why you need a test strategy for your kernel development
Laurent Pinchart

[tabby title=”29/09/2016″]

9h30-10h  Coffee 14h20-15h benhDebian’s support for Secure Boot on x86 and ARM
Ben Hutchings
10h-10h40 michael_kerrisk-1Man-pages: discovery, feedback loops, and the perfect kernel commit message
Michael Kerrisk
15h-15h40 portrait-3200Kernel documentation: what we have and where it’s going
Jonathan Corbet
10h50-11h30 rostedt

Steven Rostedt

15h40-16h20  Coffee
11h40-12h20 Kevin_picture-300x300kernelci.org: 1.5 million kernel boots (and counting)
Kevin Hilman
16h20-17h msLandlock LSM: Unprivileged sandboxing
Mickaël Salaün
12h30-14h20  Lunch time 17h10-17h50 picto_conferencesLightning Talks

[tabby title=”30/09/2016″]

9h30-10h  Coffee 14h20-15h dodjiWould an ABI changes visualization tool be useful to Linux Kernel maintenance?
Dodji Seketeli
10h-10h40 willySpeeding up development by setting up a kernel build farm
Willy Tarreau
15h-15h40 hansverkVideo and Colorspaces
Hans Verkuil
10h50-11h30 rostedtUnderstanding a Real-Time System (more than just a kernel)
Steven Rostedt
15h40-16h20  Coffee
11h40-12h20  gregkhThe Linux Driver Model
Greg KH
16h20-17h bwUpstream Kernel Graphics is (Finally) Winning
Daniel Vetter
12h30-14h20  Lunch time delvare New hwmon device registration API
Jean Delvare