dandrimontSoftware Heritage: building the universal source code archive

The goal of the Software Heritage project is to collect, preserve, and share all publicly available software in source code form. Forever. As such we are building the biggest archive of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) ever conceived. We have started working in the spring of 2015 and at the time of our public launch in the summer of 2016, we had already archived 2.5 billion unique source code files, across 500 million revisions of 22 million software projects.

After a description of the goals of Software Heritage and an overview of its current infrastructure, we’ll talk about some of the challenges we have stumbled upon in building and storing the contents of the largest DVCS graph ever.

Nicolas Dandrimont is a long-time Free Software enthusiast. He’s a Debian Developer since 2013, a member of the Debian Outreach Team, the president of the Debian France trusted organization, and a core contributor to the Hy programming language. Nicolas works full-time at Inria, the French institute for Computer Science research, as an engineer on the Software Heritage project, mostly focusing on backend issues.


coThe Free Software Bastard Guide

Developer, Enterprise, there are many ways to be a Free Software bastard. This talk will give you some useful hints to become the best asshole in communities.

Clément Oudot – Clément Oudot works for Savoir-faire Linux, a worldwide FOSS company. He is the leader of LemonLDAP::NG, a free WebSSO and Access Management software. He also works for other LDAP-related projects (OpenLDAP, LDAP Tool Box, LDAP Synchronization Connector).

XFreq & CoreFreq

Coming soon…