[tabby title=”Greg KH”]

gregkhGreg KH

Greg Kroah-Hartman is a Fellow at the Linux Foundation. He is responsible for the stable Linux kernel releases, and is also the maintainer of the USB, driver core, staging drivers, and other portions of the Linux kernel. He spends his time reviewing patches and traveling to conferences to give presentations.

[tabby title=”Jonathan CORBET”]

jonathan.corbetJONATHAN CORBET

Jonathan Corbet is the kernel documentation maintainer, co-founder of LWN.net (and the author of its Kernel Page), a member of the Linux Foundation’s Technical Advisory Board, and the lead author of Linux Device Drivers, Third Edition. He lives in Boulder, Colorado, USA.

[tabby title=”Willy TARREAU”]

willyWilly Tarreau

He is one of the founders of EXOSEC(managed security services and audits network level), then HAProxy Technologies (formerly Exceliance) that develops that develops appliances for load balancing combining Linux and HAProxy which he is the author.In August 2006, he became the maintainer of the 2.4 kernel and later, 2.6.27 and 2.6.32 of the branches, which are ultra-stable base for his company’s products.

[tabby title=”Konstantin RYABITSEV”]

konstantinKonstantin Ryabitsev

Konstantin started programming in 1995 when CGIs ruled the web, and then spent a few years writing large applications in PHP. In 2001, he joined Duke University Physics (birthplace of YUM and early cradle of the Fedora Project) as a Linux systems administrator. After moving to Montreal in 2005, he worked as a Senior Web Programmer for the McGIll university core web team, and then as a Senior IT Security Analyst for the Information Security Office. Konstantin joined The Linux Foundation in November 2011 and is part of The Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects devops team, responsible for managing kernel.org, codeaurora.org, opendaylight.org, yoctoproject.org, and others. He lives in Montreal, Quebec, with his wife and two kids.

[tabby title=”Michael KERRISK”]

michael_kerrisk-1Michael KERRISK

Michael Kerrisk is the author of The Linux Programming Interface, a widely acclaimed book on Linux (and UNIX) system programming. His primary involvement with Linux is in testing, design review, and documentation of kernel-user-space interfaces. After 12 years,  16k commits, 173 releases, and over 350 manual pages written or cowritten, he is still the maintainer of the Linux man-pages project. Michael is a New Zealander, living in Munich, Germany.

[tabby title=”Steven ROSTEDT”]

rostedtSteven Rostedt

Steven Rostedt is one of the original developers of the PREEMPT_RT patch. He started working on it back in 2004 along with Ingo Molnar and Thomas Gleixner. He’s now the maintainer of the PREEMPT_RT stable releases. Using knowledge from his own kernel tracer while porting the PREEMPT_RT patch’s “latency tracer” to the mainline Linux kernel, it became what is now known as Ftrace (the official tracer of the Linux kernel). Steven continues to develop and maintain ftrace while also adding other nifty features to Linux. He created ktest.pl that allows automation of running kernel compiles, booting and calling tests. He is also the author of “make localmodconfig” that strips out modules from the kernel config file that are not being used by the system.


[tabby title=”Daniel VETTER”]

bwDaniel VETTER

Daniel Vetter is the maintainer of the Intel drm/i915 graphics driver since a few years. Besides the usual maintainer duties and feature work he spends a sizeable amount of time in trying to rectify past mistakes in the drm subsystem. Of which there are a lot, and a lot of these mistakes are in the form of bad userspace API which can’t be removed anytime soon. He is working at the Intel Open Source Technology Center.

[tabby title=”Ben HUTCHINGS”]

benhBen Hutchings

Ben Hutchings is a software developer working for Codethink Ltd and the Debian project, specialising in Linux kernel development. He also maintains some of the longterm stable branches on kernel.org.

[tabby title=”Dodji SEKETELI”]
dodjiDodji Seketeli

Dodji Seketeli is the maintainer of the Libabigail binary static analysis framework.  He is also co-maintains some sub-systems of the GNU Compiler Collection.  He is working in the toolchain team at Red Hat.

[tabby title=”Borislav PETKOV”]

petkovBorislav Petkov

RAS/AMD kernel maintainer working currenly at SUSE. Prior to that at AMDs Operating Systems Research Center doing Linux enablement and hardware debugging work. Studied Computer Science at the University of Muenster, Germany, Visualization and Computer Graphics chair.

[tabby title=”Tejun HEO”]

tejunTejun Heo

Tejun has been working on various aspects of Linux kernel since 2005 and is currently maintaining libata, percpu memory allocator, control groups, and workqueue. He currently works as a software engineer for Facebook.

[tabby title=”Hans VERKUIL”]

hansverkHans Verkuil

Hans Verkuil started contributing patches to the MPEG encoder/decoder ivtv driver in early 2004 and it snowballed from there. Since 2013 he is the video4linux co-maintainer responsible for V4L2 bridge drivers and video receivers and transmitters. He lives in Oslo, Norway, working as a senior R&D software engineer at Cisco Systems Norway, developing – surprise! – video4linux drivers.


[tabby title=”Laurent PINCHART”]

Laurent Pinchart

has been a Linux kernel developer since 2001. He has written media-related Linux drivers for consumer and embedded devices and is one of the V4L core developers. Laurent is the founder and owner of Ideas on board, a company specialized in embedded Linux design and development. He has given Linux kernel-related talks at the FOSDEM, LPC and ELC. He currently works with the Renesas Linux kernel team where he develops a wide range of embedded drivers including DRM/KMS and V4L.

[tabby title=”Mickaël SALAÜN”]

msMickaël Salaün

Mickaël Salaün is a security researcher, software developer and open source enthusiast. He’s mostly interested in Linux-based operating systems, especially from a security point of view. He has built security sandboxes (e.g. StemJail) before hacking into the kernel to extend seccomp.

[tabby title=”Kevin HILMAN”]

Kevin_picture-300x300Kevin Hilman

Kevin has been a Linux user since 1994, and a kernel hacker since 1999 when he started writing drivers and working on kernel ports to new embedded platforms.  He has been a driver/kernel developer for Equator Technologies, MontaVista, Texas Instruments, MontaVista, Linaro and currently works at BayLibre, an embedded Linux consultancy.

Kevin is also a maintainer for various parts of the upstream Linux kernel.  He helps maintain the arm-soc tree, the Generic PM domains subsystem, the Adaptive Voltage Scaling (AVS) subsystem, Amlogic SoC support, and the PM core infrastructure for TI SoCs.  He is also an active reviewer of PM infrastructure for new SoCs and a key contributor to the kernelci.org project.

[tabby title=”Jean DELVARE”]

delvareJean Delvare

Jean Delvare is a kernel hacker since 2002. He works for SUSE since 2006 as a third level support engineer for SUSE Linux Enterprise products, in a worldwide team covering Europe, Americas and China. He co-maintains two subsystems of the Linux kernel: i2c (I2C and SMBus protocol support) and hwmon (hardware monitoring, fan speed, temperature…) He also maintains quilt and dmidecode for a long time.