Linux has multiple access-control features, which help to contain the damage from a malicious process. However, it is difficult and complex, especially for unprivileged users, to create a sandboxed application because of the currently administrator-oriented security.

seccomp-bpf was a big step forward in empowering any user with the ability to filter syscalls and therefore limit access to some resources. Nevertheless, it lacks the ability to create a full standalone sandbox (e.g. restrict access to a set of files), unlike Seatbelt/XNU Sandbox or OpenBSD Pledge.

In this talk, we present Landlock, a new Linux Security Module for unprivileged users. This brings some interesting challenges, from architecture design to userland API definition.

Mickaël Salaün

[slideshare id=66781056&doc=kr2016-landlock-161005201616]