stress-ng: finding kernel bugs through stress testing

Stress-ng is a tool that stress tests kernels using deliberately intense testing to shake out various kernel (and hardware) bugs. This talk describes the different stress test methods available in stress-ng, typical kernel test coverage and the future direction of the stress-ng project.


Colin has 3 decades of C/UNIX/Linux experience with over 25,000 open source commits to over 50 projects. During his time at Philips research he focused on Linux based digital TV systems on MIPS, ARM and VLIW processors. He was a kernel developer for the Ubuntu project for 13 years working on x86, ARM, S390x, PowerPC and RISC-V kernels and has contributed over 3800 commits to the Linux kernel. Colin also developed the open source Firmware Test Suite and stress-ng as well as a handful of system performance and monitoring tools. In his spare time he is a Debian maintainer.