A quarter century of Linux open source – my personal journey

Having been involved with the Linux kernel and open source projects for 25 years teaches you as much about people as it does technology. From struggling college dropout working on CD-ROM code, to distro kernel work and even having a stint in the proprietary world, juggling the demands of OSS takes a toll on anyone involved. The Linux world never sleeps, but what is it like to be in the thick of it for this many years? And how has it changed?


Jens Axboe is Software Engineer at Meta, formerly a Fellow at Fusion-io, and Consulting member of staff at Oracle. He also serves as the Linux block layer maintainer. Jens has worked on all things Linux IO related, such as data writeback, IO scheduling, SATA/SCSI, and others. Most recently his interests have been centered around making super fast flash based devices work and scale well in the kernel.