A unique way to maintain a Linux kernel subsystem

Steven Rostedt maintains the tracing subsystem of the Linux kernel. He has a unique workflow that incorporates several tools. He uses quilt on top of git to keep track of changes as well as a way to
resolve conflicts when importing patches. Steven doesn’t type “make; make modules; make modules_install install” to build the kernel, but instead utilizes the ktest.pl program that he wrote and maintains within the kernel tools/testing directory. He has his own personal patchwork setup that reads his inbox to make sure he doesn’t miss any patches anymore.

Steven is going to talk about the various tooling he uses in his workflow. This is not about convincing others to use anything that he describes, as everyone has their own way of doing things. But hopefully, this will inspire people to think outside the box and become more efficient at their jobs.

Steven ROSTEDT, Google