So you want to write a Linux driver framework

mturquetteIMAG0076Writing a new driver framework in Linux is hard. There are many pitfalls along the way; this talk hopes to point out some of those pitfalls and hard lessons learned through examples, advice and humorous anecdotes in the hope that it will aid those adventurous enough to take on the task of writing a new driver framework. The scope of the talk includes internal framework design as well as external API design exposed to drivers and consumers of the framework. This presentation pulls directly from the Michael Turquette’s experience authoring the Common Clock
Framework and maintaining that code for the last four years.

Additionally Mike has solicited tips and advice from other subsystem maintainers, for a well-rounded overview. Be prepared to learn some winning design patterns and hear some embarrassing stories of framework design gone wrong.

Mike Turquette, BayLibre

[slideshare id=54769450&doc=soyouwanttowritealinuxdriversubsystem-151105092237-lva1-app6891]