Hardware Manufacturer and Linux kernel relationships

IMG_4030IMAG0070Every Linux kernel needs a hardware platform to run it. Compared to twenty years ago, the relationships between hardware manufacturers and the Linux kernel community has improved in order to render the Linux kernel usage easy. This requires an organization on both parts largely unknown from the FLOSS users to obtain the level of quality required (dedicated Labs, QA teams, relationship management with upstream kernel as well as downstream)

This presentation will cover these aspects, the difficulties encounterd and success obtained. It will demonstrate through HP based examples how we have progressed as a community up to now, and how we will need to continue to cooperate in the coming years to follow and cope with the technology (r)evolutions both on the hardware and the software side.

The audience expected for this talk is everybody interested by IT technology, community work, hardware evolution, and history of IT.

The benefits expected from this presentation are that the Linux community understands better the constraints that hardware manufacturer encounters while supporting their OS of choice, in order to improve the bi-directional communication needed to cope with the rythm of evolution, and have a view on which of these (r)evolutions may disrupt our ecosystem, and how to prepare ourselv

es at best to support them as early as possible and benefit from them.

Bruno Cornec, HP

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