gregkhGreg KH

Greg Kroah-Hartman is a Fellow at the Linux Foundation. He is responsible for the stable Linux kernel releases, and is also the maintainer of the USB, driver core, staging drivers, and other portions of the Linux kernel. He spends his time reviewing patches and traveling to conferences to give presentations.

photo117trWilly Tarreau

He is one of the founders of EXOSEC(managed security services and audits network level), then HAProxy Technologies (formerly Exceliance) that develops that develops appliances for load balancing combining Linux and HAProxy which he is the author.In August 2006, he became the maintainer of the 2.4 kernel and later, 2.6.27 and 2.6.32 of the branches, which are ultra-stable base for his company’s products.

Jens Axboe

Jens Axboe is Software Engineer at Facebook, formerly a Fellow at Fusion-io, and Consulting member of staff at Oracle. He also serves as the Linux block layer maintainer. Jens has worked on all things Linux IO related, such as data writeback, IO scheduling, SATA/SCSI, and others. Most recently his interests have been centered around making super fast flash based devices work and scale well in the kernel.

marvin_by_yumi_kiddoFrancois Romieu

François has committed rather questionable quality patches on the linux-kernel mailing-list in 2000 before moving back in netdev where he is contributing to several network drivers.

François will give this o talk out of any professional or associative framework.

Kevin Hilman

Kevin has been working for 15 yearsin embedded Linux software development, mainly in kernel development, power management, integration and optimization for diverse hardware platforms, contributing work back to the mainline Linux kernel, and upstream maintenance of kernel subsystems.

He is a Linux kernel developer at Linaro.

mturquetteMike Turquette

Mike is an embedded Linux veteran with work experience ranging from a large semiconductor manufacturer to a small Silicon Valley start-up. Most of his focus has been on low level topics such as waking up new silicon, power management for complex system-on-chip processors and porting Android to various platforms. Mike also authored and maintains the Linux Common Clock Framework, and speaks regularly at conferences.

He recently joined BayLibre where he grows their US business and operations.

leblondEric Leblond

As an expert in security and network, Eric Leblond is a software developer in users and kernels Netfilter, the Linux firewall layer  for nearly 10 years.

He specializes in the interactions between kernel space and user space.

dwmw2-2015David Woodhouse

David is an embedded Linux developer at heart. He is the author of the JFFS2 flash file system, and has been playing with the Linux kernel since 1995. He currently works for Intel’s Open Source  Technology Centre.


jankaraJan Kara

Jan Kara is doing Linux kernel hacking in file systems area over 15 years. He is the maintainer of ext3 file system, udf file system, and quota subsystem, working also on other file systems, writeback logic, notification framework, and other miscellaneous stuff. Currently he is working as a kernel engineer for SUSE.

Frédéric Weisbecker

stefanhaStefan Hajnoczi

Stefan Hajnoczi has contributed to Linux and QEMU since 2010. He helps maintain QEMU’s block layer, network subsystem, and tracing subsystem, and organizes QEMU’s Google Summer of Code and Outreachy involvement.

His current work in Red Hat’s virtualization team is on multi-core device emulation in QEMU and host/guest file sharing using vsock. In the past he has worked on disk image formats, storage migration, and I/O performance optimization.

IMG_4030Bruno Cornec

Bruno Cornec has been managing various Unix systems since 1987 and Linux since 1993 (0.99pl14).
Bruno first worked 8 years around Software Engineering and Configuration Management Systems in Unix environments. Since 1995, he is Open Source and Linux (OSL) Technology Architect and Evangelist, initially for an HP reseller and now for Hewlett Packard directly in the HP/Intel Solution Center. Bruno is also the World Wide Lead for the HP Linux Community and Helion MVP.

Bruno is a contributor in various OSL projects: MondoRescue, Mageia, LinuxCOE, Tellico, FOSSology, collectl, Pause. He is also project leader for MondoRescue (GPL disaster recovery solution), project-builder.org (GPL build service), UUWL (GPL porting library).

As part of his work he has made numerous presentations for Solution Linux in France, Libre Software Meeting, NordU, Linux World UK, Linux Expo Milano, Linux.Conf.au, OSCON, Linux Symposium, Fosdem around various topics (High Availability, Deployment solutions, System management, Disaster Recovery…)

Outside computers, Bruno also likes early music, singing and playing the recorder.

chtyWilliam Dauchy

Willian is a member of the Gandi.net team.

He is dedicated to the virtualization and hosting, he maintains and develop the platform.


PEREZ_Yves-AlexisYves-Alexis Perez (corsac)

Yves-Alexis works at ANSSI as deputy head of the Hardware and Software architecture lab. He’s a Debian developer and member of the security team. He’s mostly interested in the hardware/software interactions (like between devices and the kernel), especially at the security level.

Laurent Pinchart

has been a Linux kernel developer since 2001. He has written media-related Linux drivers for consumer and embedded devices and is one of the V4L core developers. Laurent is the founder and owner of Ideas on board, a company specialized in embedded Linux design and development. He has given Linux kernel-related talks at the FOSDEM, LPC and ELC. He currently works with the Renesas Linux kernel team where he develops a wide range of embedded drivers including DRM/KMS and V4L.

jason-donenfeld-photoJason Donenfeld

Jason Donenfeld is a security researcher and software developer, with a broad background of experience, both in the security community and in the open source world. He has worked with many severe vulnerabilities in widespread software projects, including the Linux kernel, as well as having extensive hardware reverse engineering experience. In addition to security work, Jason works on advanced mathematical and geometric algorithms as part of his day job.