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30/09/2015 01/10/2015 02/10/2015
9h30-10h Coffee Coffee Coffee
10h-10h50  Hardened kernels for everyone
Yves-Alexis Perez
Representing device-tree peripherals in ACPI
David Woodhouse
 Linux kernel IO subsystem
Jan Kara
11h-11h50  An Introduction to Greybus
Greg KH
 Linux Stable Release process
Greg KH
 Solving the Linux storage scalability bottlenecks
Jens Axboe
12h-12h50  Speed up your kernel development cycle with QEMU
Stefan Hajnoczi
 Multi-campus Layer 2 Network Fabric
William Dauchy
 So you want to write a Linux driver framework
Mike Turquette
12h50-14h10 Lunch Lunch Lunch
14h10-15h  Introduction to Kernel Power Management
Kevin Hilman
 Kernel packet capture technologies
Eric Leblond
 How to choose a kernel for your products ?
Willy Tarreau
15h10-16h Anatomy of an Atomic KMS Driver
Laurent Pinchart
 Amateur practice of ethernet drivers
François Romieu
Frederic Weisbecker
16h-16h30  Break  Break  Break
16h30-17h20  Lightning Talks Hardware Manufacturer and Linux kernel relationships
Bruno Cornec
WireGuard: A Kernelspace VPN with Cutting-edge Cryptography
Jason Donenfeld
17h30-18h30 La Quadrature du Net
Adrienne Charmet
Auction sale of Kernel Recipes 2015 beer, to the profit of LQDN
 Lightning Talks