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10th edition: 25, 26, 27 september 2023
Paris / Fondation Biermans Lapotre

2022 edition:1,2, 3 june, 2022

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Live blog day 3: afternoon

This is the live stream for this afternoon. Checking your work: Linux kernel testing and CI - David Vernet There are many ways to test the kernel: kselftests, KUnit, xfstests, etc. kselftests are userspace programs, usually written in C, they are in tree at...

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Live blog day 3: morning

This is the live stream for this morning. Single board computers made possible by the community - Da Xue In 2016, Da had a crazy dream: he wanted to invest into a better future with an ecosystem with upstream development. So in 2017 he found what Neil from BayLibre...

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Live blog day 2: afternoon

This is the link for this afternoon's livestream. HID-BPF - Benjamin Tissoires HID-BPF combines Human Interface Devices (HID) and eBPF (extended Berkeley Packet Filter). It is currently in review upstream. HID is a simple protocol to report input devices events. It is...

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What is Kernel Recipes about

Have a look on the last edition, Kernel Recipes 2019

Meet some of the main contributors of coming from the US and Europe. Soon available

3 days, around 20 talks and lighting talks. Schedule soon available


Comment said to me about the Kernel Recipes conference that just wrapped up, “It is a gemstone in the conference world”, and I totally agree. The amount of things over the years that have been presented here first is amazing for such a “small” conference.

Greg KH, Linux Foundation

Another excellent Kernel Recipes conference! Hats off, Kernel Recipes team ! I’m already missing Paris. See you next year!

Björn Töpel, Intel

Kernel Recipes was amazing, it is a hard back to the old times of intimate discussions and high quality presentations which is so unusual these days. Thank you to everyone who made this amazing event possible!

David Miller, Red Hat

Our supporters

We make it open, affordable thanks to them. Huge thanks for being there again!