Consoles, printk, nested-NMI!? Oh my!

Everyone has to start somewhere.

For some, their developer journey begins with being thrown head-first into a root-cause analysis of an *interesting* corner case between console log buffers, Nested NMIs, x86 iret, printk, panics, crash dumps & more. All whilst being entirely in-over-their-head.

This simple (yet hopefully not boring) talk will highlight some of the challenges, quirks and behaviors of a new-to-industry developer tackling some “fun” bugs in a large, monolithic and horrendously intimidating (legacy?) “piece” of software — the Linux Kernel.

Join me as I talk about my blunders, thoughts, and general naivete while walking through scenarios that may be unfamiliar for new grads, young developers and other kernel-newbies like myself.