Kernel Recipes 2024

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23 to 25 september, 2024


Why you should attend Kernel Recipes

The informal conference about Linux kernel in Paris since 2012

Kernel Recipes 2023

Kernel Recipes 2023

Have a look on what happened in the previous edition

Enjoy discussions

Enjoy discussions

Priority is given to pedagogy and exchanges between attendees and speakers. A lunch is offered for each day so that people can discuss some more and we use to have social events at the end of each days

Great speakers

Great speakers

Meet some of the main contributors of coming from all over the world.

Attend all the talks

Attend all the talks

Less formal and more “human” than most of the existing meeting in Europe or in the US. That’s why the max number of expected people is about 150. There is no main line for the talks but rather quite an open one.

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They like Kernel Recipes

Folks, that was a *wonderful* event! I loved every single second of it. 🧡 Big, big kudos to y’all: organizers, sponsors, speakers, attendees

Daniel Maslowski

Yes, the magic happened once again. Huge thanks to everyone involved.
For those who wonder, on stage, the experience is very intense but totally worth it.

Aurélien Rougemont

Really enjoyed this talk. Lots of audience engagement, and then lots of engagement afterwards with interested folks. Thanks everyone for the interest!

David Vernet

Excellent talk from Willy. I’ve stayed up to date with maple trees but had completely missed folios. This is cool and interesting stuff.

Matt Flemming

And a big “thank you” to everyone who helped make this great event happen!!! (The caricature is at the start of the video.)

Paul E. McKenney

 10th edition. This marked my fifth year participating in the most unique Linux kernel conference in the world. I’m thrilled to have been a part of this incredible event for half of its life so far. Thank you folks!

Gustavo A.R. Silva

The conference exists thanks to them

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Work is in progress for the 11th edition. You can drop us an email at any time

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