The Power Supply Subsysytem

Do you know how batteries and battery chargers are handled in the Linux kernel subsystem? While not as complex as the DRM subsystem, the power-supply subsystem is a key part of embedded mobile devices running Linux. This talk will be an quick overview of the subsystem and its latest features, from hardware (e.g. what’s a smart battery), to sysfs and uevent API exposed to userspace.

Sebastian Reichel, Associate Software Engineer, Collabora Ltd

Sebastian Reichel works for Collabora’s Core team on hardware enablement. He is the kernel subsystem maintainer for MIPI HSI (highspeed synchonous serial interface) and power-supply (battery fuel-gauge/ charger drivers). In the last few years he worked on mainline kernel support for the Nokia N series and more recently on the Motorola Droid 4.