Greg KH Greg Kroah-Hartman

Greg Kroah-Hartman is a Fellow at the Linux Foundation. He is responsible for the stable Linux kernel releases, and is also the maintainer of the USB, driver core, staging drivers, and other portions of the Linux kernel. He spends his time reviewing patches and traveling to conferences to give presentations.

willy Willy Tarreau

He is one of the founders of EXOSEC(managed security services and audits network level), then Exceliance  that develops appliances for load balancing combining Linux and HAProxy which he is the author.In August 2006, he became the maintainer of the 2.4 kernel and later, 2.6.27 and 2.6.32 of the branches, which are ultra-stable base for his company’s products.

delvare Jean Delvare

Jean Delvare is a kernel hacker since 2002. He works for SUSE since 2006 as a third level support engineer for Suse Linux Enterprise products, in parallel with other teams located in Europe, the United States and China.He co-maintains two subsystems of the Linux kernel: I2C (i2c support procoles, SMBus among others) and hwmon (hardware monitoring, fan speed, temperature …)He also helps in other areas such as V4L or DVB.He has been the dmidecode maintainer for a long time.

petkov Borislav Petkov

RAS/AMD kernel maintainer working currenly at SUSE. Prior to that at AMDs Operating Systems Research Center doing Linux enablement and hardware debugging work. Studied Computer Science at the University of Muenster, Germany, Visualization and Computer Graphics chair.

peres Martin Peres

Martin Peres is a PhD student in Bordeaux Laboratory for Computer Science, especially working on green computing (Energy Resources Conservation and RF in wireless networks).He began to work on the Linux kernel in 2010 by contributing to Open Source NVIDIA driver called Nouveau. He is still active on it when he has some free time. He is interested in Linux power management on NVIDIA and security of the graphic stack.Martin is also known for his popular articles about the Linux graphics stack development, published on LinuxFR during the release of a new version of Linux. Finally, he is part of the board of directors of the X.Org Foundation since 2013.

leblond Eric Leblond

As an expert in security and network, Eric Leblond is a software developer in users and kernels Netfilter, the Linux firewall layer  for nearly 10 years. He specializes in the interactions between kernel space and user space.

ripard Maxime Ripard

Maxime Ripard is an embedded Linux engineer and trainer at Free Electrons since 2011.He is a regular contributor to various Free Software projects related to embedded Linux such as Barebox and Buildroot. He is also the maintainer of Allwinner ARM SoCs in the Linux kernel.

grall Julien Grall

Julien Grall is a Software Engineer at Citrix, working on the Open Source Xen Platform team. He has been working on Xen since 2012, focusing at the beginning on x86 port, then on ARM port. Before joining Citrix, he was a student on Embedded System at Epita.

 hansverk Hans Verkuil

Hans Verkuil started contributing patches to the MPEG encoder/decoder ivtv driver in early 2004 and it snowballed from there. Since 2013 he is the video4linux co-maintainer responsible for V4L2 bridge drivers and video receivers and transmitters. He lives in Oslo, Norway, working as a senior R&D software engineer at Cisco Systems Norway, developing – surprise! – video4linux drivers.

 ph Jiri Slaby

Jiri Slaby recently finished his PhD studies in the field of static code analysis. Meanwhile, he has been working also on the Linux kernel since 2005. Since 2007 as a member of Suse Labs. His work covers wireless drivers, TTY layer rework and cleanup, HID layer rewrite, 3.12 stable long-term tree maintenance, kGraft, and more.