erwanDeploying clouds is in everybody’s mind but how to make an efficient deployment ?

After setting up the hardware, it’s mandatory to make a deep inspection of server’s performance.

In a farm of supposed identical servers, many miss-{installation|configuration} could seriously degrade performance. If you want to discovery such counter-performance before users complains of their VMs, you have to be detect them before installing any software. Another performance metric to know is “how many VMs could I load on top of my servers ?”. By using the same methodology it is possible the compare how a set of VMs performs regarding the bare metal capabilities.

The challenge is here: How do detect automatically servers that under perform ? How to insure that a new server entering a farm will not degrade it ? How to measure the overhead of all the virtualization layers from the VM point of view ?

Erwan Velu – Performance Engineer @eNovance