Viewing real time  ltt trace using gtkwave

This presentation will explain how to  use some ltt to be viewd in gtkwave, a graphical visualization tool, developped by the Parrot team.

It will also explain why this tool was developed, review some of the problems that have been analyzed using these traces. It will finally end up on the ongoing integration with LTTng 2.x.

Ivan DJELIC – Parrot
Ivan is in charge of operating at Parrot systems. He is interested in all aspects of embedded software, the ROM (SoC Parrot) with Linux drivers, bootloaders and userland tools, he has specialized particularly in the ARM architecture and flash memories.

Easy rootfs using Buildroot

The Linux kernel is an exciting world. But  if you want to get a working system, it is still essential to provide our kernel a root filesystem. The kernel developers often struggle to find a simple rootfs, adapted to their architecture, together with the tools that fits properly.

We will present how Buildroot, a tool for building embedded Linux systems, can meet the needs of kernel developers in the build of minimal rootfs for their developments.

Thomas Petazzoni, Free Electrons

kconfig-frontends, a packaging of the kconfig parser and frontends

The configuration language used by the Linux kernel, known as kconfig, has gained some traction in the community, and is increasingly used by  third-party projects. The kconfig-frontends package aims at centralising the effort of keeping an up-to-date, out of the Linux source tree, packaging of the kconfig infrastructure, ready for use by third party projects.

The state of the project will be presented: what has been done so far, and ideas on future evolutions. Some kconfig tips and tricks will also be demonstrated.

Yann E. Morin

Conditional boot

When booting the same Linux Kernel over various hardware setups, it could necessary to add some arguements on the command line. Usually, people solve this issue by adding a new boot entry which features the necessary arguments.

This lightning talk will be demontrating how Syslinux can add dynamically arguments to the command line or even choose a different kernel regarding some hardware properties.

Erwan Velu
From the world of Linux distribution and scientific computing on PC clusters (cluster), Erwan Velu participates Free Software contributing in Syslinux, klibc, gpxe.

Persistent logs using UBI

A short presentation about a library for persistent log based on the UBI layer. The goal is to enable an embedded software component to log persistent messages  (even after a full update of the system)  without requiring the use of a file system.

Matthew Castet – Parrot
Matthew is Linux kernel developer since 2005 (Eagle USB ADSL modem driver). Since 2007, he is in charge of the Linux platform including ARM SoC in Parrot.

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